Workplace COVID-19
guidelines compliance platform

Solutions to promote workplace safety
and build trust

  • Meet COVID-19 workplace guidelines
  • Daily employee wellness check
  • Control the capacity limits of your sites
  • Office wellness dashboard
  • Office Contact tracing log


Use a suite of tools to take full control of who comes on site and when. Keep your workplace healthy and safe by ensuring that all employees perform a wellness check before they come to work. And use a Health Dashboard to identify potential health problems early.
Effective ControlKeep control of who comes on site at all times. Plan ahead and ensure you do not exceed your COVID-19 capacity limits in each site zone or floor. Consistent Policy ImplementationEnsure that all employees, contractors and visitors respond to an online wellness check before they come on site. Identify Potential Health Risks EarlyMonitor reported health symptoms by employees that stay home to detect potential exposures before they spread.

Meet evolving government and industry COVID19 guidelines

As we learn more about COVID19 and its spread, governments and industry associations improve guidelines for safe and effective ways to work during this epidemic. VZPass Safe is designed to assist in responding and adjusting strategies as these guidelines evolve. While specific guidelines may continue to evolve, what is clear is that an effective strategy includes the following 5 pillars: Hygiene, Distancing, Screening, Masks, and Culture.

VZPass Safe supports these 5 pillars with the following:

  • Workplace staff capacity limits monitoring - plan effectively to distribute the workforce throughout the building and prevent overcrowding in specific zones.
  • Support employee station distancing
  • Integrate health screening through daily wellness checks to inculcate a culture of accountability for each other’s health
  • Monitor sickness reports by symptom and workplace zone to identify potential exposure early
  • Keep appropriate logs to help with contact tracing

Safety Starts with Good Staff Planning and Scheduling

VZPAss Safe includes an intuitive staffing matrix tool that makes it easy to consider multiple staffing scenarios. VZPass Safe takes into account the maximum number of employees that can be in the office in each floor or zone. It also keeps track of employees’ availability to work from the office and ensures that employees respect proximity constraints.

Mobile Employee Sign-In and Wellness Check

Before signing in, employees confirm their wellness status. This process ensures that only healthy employees work in the office and that you keep below your COVID-19 capacity limits. With VZPass Safe, employees can request unscheduled visits to the office and these requests are directed to the right person for quick approval.

Mobile Employee Absence Reporting

Employees that are unwell report their absence and specify the types of symptoms they are experiencing. This can help identify health exposure trends early before they spread.

Your Employee and Company Health Index at a Glance

Staff Health Dashboard - shows expected and actual employees in the office as well as employees who report health symptoms. Quickly identify occurrences of over-staffing on site, and monitor each location’s health reports to detect potential health issues before they spread.

Easy to deploy - cloud-based mobile solution

In a fast evolving environment, the ability to deploy quickly and incrementally is essential. VZPass Safe requires no on-site infrastructure and allows you to start using it on a specific site or across your company within minutes.

Cost-Effective for any size organization

VZPass Safe is offered free for the first month and $9.95/user/month subsequently. Contact us for discount on the annual plan.


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